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What We Offer?
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Precise Targeting

In-app advertising with AdZ provides you with the data, insights, and inventory to track your campaigns' effectiveness easily. Our unbiased approach and dual focus on transparency help our clients to realize the full potential of their mobile app marketing strategies.

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Generate Leads

Reach out to more than 492 million Indian smartphone users through in-app advertising on various apps with AdZ. We help you to generate leads by delivering your ad campaigns to the clients of the top brands in real-time contextual moments..

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Persuading Brand Solutions

AdZ helps you to bring your brand to life by understanding your audience based on their behavior and taste insights. Increase your user base with compelling audio, video & banner ad formats of in-app advertising.

Why Choose Us?

Growth and Evolution of Smartphone Users

With More than 6.6 billion global smartphone users, there is no doubt that in-app advertisements can gain great attention from their target audience and advertisers can be immensely benefitted, if executed correctly.

In-App Means More Engagement

Studies reveal that users consume in-app content (89%) more than web content(11%). This makes for a concrete reason to prefer in-app advertisements over website options to reach out to potential clients as far as the growth of the brand is concerned.

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